Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We all make our mountains and we make them as tall as we need them

Putting things into perspective doesn't seem to work well as a coping mechanism.  If we have a problem, it doesn't matter that the problem isn't a big deal to anyone else.  It only matters how large a problem it is to us.  When other people try to minimize a problem (mountain) or put it in perspective, that doesn't help to make our mountain smaller to us, it just minimizes us compared to our mountain.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Aurelia, Firefox and Input fields

I had a mis-behaving checkbox input field on Firefox.  The checkbox was working fine on Chrome and Safari - likely IE as well.  But it wouldn't stay checked on Firefox - kept resetting itself to unchecked.  For the short version, @jsobell on Aurelia's Gitter channel told me that Firefox triggers input attributes based on alphabetical order.  I had a model.bind(), checked.bind(), and change.trigger() on the checkbox in question in that order.  The change.trigger() was running last with the other browsers and first in Firefox.

It was sloppy code on my part, I should have processed everything in the change.trigger function instead of a kludge of model.bind and checked.bind with a change.trigger that was really carrying the main functionality.